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Sunday, first day of the week, the Lord’s Day

Happy top of the week to you!

Today is not the Sabbath. Saturday is, or more precisely, Shabbat is, which was yesterday. If you grew up thinking, or understanding or being taught, that Sunday is Sabbath, it’s easy to understand why. Because the religious leaders said it was. Now, it can be taken as a Shabbat, but it isn’t The Shabbat, a literal day in the calendar week. It’s a rest, a break, the cessation of work activity. The Command in Leviticus requires also that your animals take a rest too. Rather all encompassing, isn’t it?

Paul teaches that any day can be a Shabbat. Shabbat was made for man, not man for the Shabbat, as Jesus states it. Meaning, a man ( and a woman) needs a day of rest. It’s necessary, it’s needed, it’s a design requirement. Take a rest! The LORD is telling you. It’s not good to work too much. So, yes this blog is short today. Because I’m resting. And encouraging you to do the same.

Love in Christ Jesus to my sisters and brothers.


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I’m not going to write

I’d rather you all read this article:
what media isn’t reporting
And this one even more so:
does Islam lead to violence?
Grace to you all.

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End Times?

I’ve seen some speculation that we are entering the End of Days. Before I start, let me say this: I sincerely hope not. Yes, I do want the Lord to return. But at the same time I want as many to be saved as possible. Plus, I’m slightly apprehensive about losing my head. I would take death over renouncing my Lord, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s scary.
So, ISIS. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, they go and do this.
Burning people alive and organ harvesting. Now they are one upping the Chinese, who have been busy harvesting from their dissidents for years. Again, this is EVIL. I’m amazed I have to say it. They behead men. They crucify children. They kill Christians and Jews with equal fervor. And any Muslim that stands in their way. It very much looks like the fulfillment of Revelation to John. The world powers seem relatively disinterested in doing anything serious about these atrocities.
What is a Christ follower to do? Same as yesterday my brothers and sisters. Pray. Watch. Wait. Love your Neighbor. Love Justice and Mercy. Obey the Lord. Be strong in Christ my friends.

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Jews. Etc.

A Jewish Journalist walked the streets of Paris and got a whole lot of hate thrown his way.
I wish I could say I was surprised. It has been growing, but now it is full throttle. Satan hates Jews. They have been singled out time and again in history. Now ISIS is targeting Christians as well. Arab nations have long repressed Christians too.
I am typing this up at lunch, so this will be short.
The lines have been drawn. It appears as though Satan has taken off his mask and is roaming freely.
It reminds me of the world pre-WW2. Hitler is busy gobbling up Europe. The German intelligentsia have been reeducated to think Jews are less than human.
Our intelligentsia believe there are no moral absolutes. Our leaders think a carrot and stick will work with these barbarians.
The days are dark my friends. Stay in the light while there is light. Lean on Him in whom light lives. We may lose our heads, but our salvation is Secure in Christ Jesus.

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Hey Everybody, ISIS sure acts real mean

It’s pretty hard to get people to follow your blog if you never post anything. Note to self. But on to my post…

I can be a fairly unpopular person at dinner parties. I would rather debate serious issues than share pleasantries over a vegetable plate. It runs in the family. Now, I’m not saying this is always appropriate, but it is my natural tendency, and why my more naturally congenial wife will jab me in the ribs when I do it too often. And see there I go again, digressing…

So, let’s see: ISIS (or ISIL or whatever you prefer to call them, I prefer Barbarians myself) is busy killing people. They have distinguished themselves of late for their sheer brutality and bloodlust. They also have decided to borrow from the Taliban and then add a Hannibal Lector level of glee to the killings. Meaning, they are now a “State” that is systematically killing people. They control huge tracks of land (yes, that is a Monty Python reference in the middle of this gore, but hey like the Spanish Inquisition…) and are busy making the most of the free hand they have to rape (not the Rolling Stone level, you know the real gritty kind, like the Russian’s taking the Rhineland), murder, destroy (not Israelis building some houses kind, the lay waste to millennium old relics of various religious faiths), pillage (not the some supposedly evil corporation buying out a competitor, the physical destruction of just whatever lies in their way), maim, torture (not waterboarding, the good old fashioned draw blood, break bone and maw flesh kind) and otherwise behave themselves boorishly.

Am I being needlessly raw? I don’t think so. These people are evil. And not necessary evil, like Bain in a Batman movie. Real evil, like, I don’t know, who can they be compared to??? Oh, right, Hitler. That boogeyman of endless Hollywood movies. That evil that many people bandy about as the reference point for evil.

So, let’s stop making excuses for these evil doers. Yes, I am making a reference to President Obama’s remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast. As a freeman I am appalled at the callousness of his remarks. The crusades are no more relevant to the conversation than the Punic Wars would be. The modern actions of the Arab states are however. Forced deportations of Jews. Turkish slaughter of Armenian Christians. I could go on and on.

As a Christ follower, I will continue to pray for the conversion of these lost souls. But please don’t patronize me with references to actions taken by Christians over 600 years ago as though I should feel contrite in wanting this current slaughter to cease.


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