I’m a follower of Jesus. I recently realized I don’t have my own story of the hope that resides in me. I will remedy that soon.

Writing is my hobby, right after reading. I work for the federal government and I do have the necessary paperwork on file to have a “side job” just in case I ever actually make any money doing this or I say something that upsets some self important person who wishes to trample me because of my beliefs.

I write because it is cathartic. My apologies to those who find my writing jumbled, I am improving when it comes to editing the stream of consciousness that I call writing. I have started using the draft function a little more, leaving pieces to stew for review prior to publishing them.

I grew up in the heart of the inland empire of California, the Mojave desert. My parents sent me to a college prep school, to no avail. I joined the US Navy at 19 and became a Nuclear Operator for 8 years. I did manage to get a college degree while in the Navy. I somehow managed to convince a Guatemalan foreign exchange student to marry me and have been married for 22 years. After the Navy we tried living in Guatemala. I ended up working for a Hong Kong based textile machinery company and I travelled around Central and South America. This is how I learned Spanish. And the Chinese version of English. I had a brief stint in Mexico as a Dye House Manager for an elastics manufacturer (think women’s lingerie waistbands and bra straps). And then we moved back to the states in 2003.

Denominationally I’m an Anglican. But I agree with CS Lewis in Mere Christianity, it is but a room off the main hall.

My Community page on Facebook:
a Disciple of Jesus


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